Some Important ‘reads’ for BAM

Web-Related Items 

1.   Start with  Go to “Resources” and then to “Papers and Articles”, and read:

•    Any articles by Mats Tunehag
•    The essentials of Good Business as Mission - chapter 5 of Lausanne Paper #59
•    Toward a Theology of Business - Van Duzer et al
•    Building a Great Commission Company - Rundle and Steffen (short version of the book by same name)


3. Go to “Documents” and then to Lausanne Occasional Paper #59 (via LOPs) which is the most comprehensive direction-setting paper out there, most important is Part I and II and the bibliography. Also check out the Global Issues section on BAM.

4.  Other opportunities:;; and

Print Materials

1.   A good starter: God is at Work – Transforming People and Nations Through Business, Ken Eldred, Regal, 2005

2.   Other good books are:

Business as Mission, Mike Baer, YWAM, 2006

Great Commission Companies, Rundle and Steffen, InterVarsity, 2011

Business for the Glory of God, Grudem, CrossWay, 2003.

On Kingdom Business, Yamamori, Eldred (ed.) 2003

The Missional Entrepreneur, Mark Russell, New Hope, 2011

Business as Mission: A comprehensive Guide, C. Neal Johnson, IV Academic, 2009

The Integrated Life, Ken Eldred, Manna Ventures, 2010

Tentmaking, Patrick Lai, Authentic Media, 2005

Profit for the Lord, William J. Danker, Wipf & Stock, 1971

Glocalization, Bob Roberts, Jr., Zondervan, 2007

Why Business Matters to God, Jeff Van Duzer, IVP Academic, 2010

A Better Way - Make Disciples Wherever Life Happens, Dale Losch, Csrossworld, 2012

The Other Six Days, R Paul Stevens, Eerdmans, 1999

Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide, Scott D. Allen, YWAM Publishing, 2011

How the Church Fails Business People, John C. Knapp, Eerdmans, 2012

Seven Reasons Tentmaking Businesses Fail, Toby Miles, 2012

Every Good Endeavor, Timothy Keller, Penguin Group, 2012

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