Some Important ‘reads’ for BAM


The very best and comprehensive website listing books, articles, videos etc. is:

For videos of North America kingdom businesses use:

Overseas BAM Videos available upon request from:

See also BAM papers which resulted from the BAM global consultation:


Best Books on the Nuts and Bolts of BAM

BAM Global Movement: Business as Mission Concepts and Stories, Gort & Tunehag, Hendrickson Publishers, 2018.

Business as Mission: A Comprehensive Guide to Theory and Practice, C. N. Johnson, IV Academic, 2009.

Business for Transformation: Getting Started, Lai, William Carey, 2015.

From Aid to Trade, Jean-Louis & Klamer, Fresh Strategy Press, 2015.

God is at Work: Transforming People and Nations Through Business, Eldred, Regal Books, 2005.

Great Commission Companies, Rundle & Steffen, IVP Books, 2011.

The Missional Entrepreneur, Russell, New Hope Publishers, 2010.

On Kingdom Business, Yamamori & Eldred (eds.), Crossway Books, 2003

Tentmaking, Lai, Authentic Media, 2005.


Foundational Apologetics for BAM

A Better Way: Making Disciples Wherever Life Happens, Losch, Crossworld, 2012.

Business as Mission, Baer, YWAM Publishing, 2006.

Business for the Glory of God, Grudem, Crossway Books, 2003.

Every Good Endeavor, Keller, Penguin Group, 2012.

Globalization, Roberts, Zondervan, 2007.

The Integrated Life, Eldred, Manna Ventures, 2010.

The Other Six Days, Stevens, Eerdmans, 1999.

Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good, Sherman, Intervarsity Press, 2011.

Scatter:  Go Therefore and Take your Job with You, Scott, Moody Press, 2016.

When Helping Hurts, Corbett and Fikkert, Moody Publishers, 2009.

Why Business Matters to God, Van Duzer, IV Academic, 2010.

Work Matters:  Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work, Nelson, Crossway, 2011.

Work Matters:  Lessons from Scripture, Stevens, Eerdmans, 2012.

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