Real-Life Stories of BAM at work

Pure Water and the Water of Life
Clean water is a major world issue and 35% of Indonesia’s drinking water is not safe for drinking.  Workers at Water Solutions Indonesia are providing technologies which include water retention, filtration and hydraulic pumping stations.  Life-giving water is meeting key health needs.

A BAM consulting group has been retained to help this business to grow, become profitable and be sustainable. The challenge is to help Water Solutions move from a humanitarian project dependent on external funds, to a project totally self-sufficient in the local economy, creating jobs and marketing itself to the local marketplace.

And all the while there are regular conversations in the workplace of everyday life connecting pure drinking water with the “water of life”.

Changing Lives by Creating Hope through Jobs
A team in the Balkans asked a consulting group, “Can you help us evaluate opportunities for business in our province?”  The BAM consulting firm responded with training sessions and a site visit with senior consultants who included due diligence, business planning and coaching.  Now an agricultural expert is focusing on the challenges of this emerging agribusiness.

After experiments with various vegetable products and experience with sales contracts, product development, marketing and financial projections, the business now focuses on fruit products.  Some of the 60 percent unemployed of the valley are the beneficiaries of the new business.  The business team finds significance in this values-based project which is poised to bring transformation to lives and the entire community.

A Tour Company in Asia Opens Doors for Significant Discussions
Mike and Lindsey desired to contribute to the community of a large city in central Asia and live like Jesus.  The state made it known that they desired more foreign tourists so Mike and Lindsey started a tour company with an office in the USA and in Asia.   In this way they are blessing the community.

Numerous relationships opened up with clients, vendors, tax authorities, neighbors, school families, guides, community leaders and transport companies.  The tour company is providing tours and will soon be profitable; they create jobs and open doors to make disciples of Jesus.  Recently a business acquaintance of Mike asked if he had a “spiritual connection”.  An in-depth conversation insued whereby Mike shared the good news of Jesus.

A Factory Provides Jobs and Relationships
Joel and Cindy operate a small factory in East Asia which makes sports products for export.  While employing more than 20 employees and creating value in the community, they are welcomed by the authorities and have been able to share their faith in a land where no foreign religious workers are allowed.  Employees, clients and neighbors have been blessed by Joel and Cindy and several  are now followers of Jesus.

One day Joel faced an ethical decision.  Should he take on a sales person named Li who worked for a competitor and who wanted to bring his clients with him to Joel’s business?  Joel replied that he did not want to do business that way.

Li  however saw a Bible  on a shelf behind the desk and asked “Are you one of those ‘what do you call ‘ems’?”  Joel said, “yes” but there was no further ethical or spiritual discussion.

A week later Li called Joel and wanted to have a spiritual discussion saying he wanted to be an ethical business person like Joel. He was tired of the lies and deceptions which were a part of his current work situation.  Where did this end up?  After several weeks of talks, Li came to follow Jesus and his principles for life and work.

Coffee and Conversation in the Himalayas
A new coffee shop has recently opened in a Central Asian capital city operated by a trained barista with experience in coffee, and work place integration with faith.  This retail facility is part of a larger coffee company which imports and retails coffee in several venues in the city and provides an example of ethics and fair trade.

The company team leaders provide a coffee shop and also home baking and breakfast menus around the theme of “where east meets west”.  They are finding amazing opportunities to share their faith both in the coffee shop and in the broader community.  Some employees are studying the Bible. All of this is because they have a credible business and are respected as community members.

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