Training Options for BAM

•    iBAM course. This consists of several weeks each winter in Thailand and a 3-day course in the USA each year  (

•    Nehemiah Project. This Oregon based program has well developed courses in Biblical Entrepreneurship and has a good focus on the developing world (

•    Chalmers Institute. While this excellent training focuses on micro enterprise it is well worth the experience to take a course or two – both philosophical and practical (

•    IBEC Ventures. Although primarily a consulting group focusing on businesses in high risk countries, they have several training modules both basic and advanced focus on BAM. Write for times and places:  (

•    Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship. One does not need to take the degree program to benefit from some great offerings (

•    Summer Business Intensive. Each summer in Quito, Ecuador the Crowell School of Business provides a two month internship led by Professor and Author Steve Rundle (Great Commission Companies)  (www.livingandlearninginternational.copm/ecuadorbiz.php)

•    Agora Enterprises ( is a startup BAM incubation and training group seeking to identify, train, mentor and support individuals pursuing BAM business startups abroad.

•    Transformational Ventures. This BAM company has several training resources include a “Business as Mission Entrepreneurial Training Association”  (

• This organization focuses more on existing businesses which need to evaluate and turn to a missional purpose.  (

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