What is BAM?

What is Business as Mission?

Business as Mission (BAM) is defined as legitimate economic activity by a work-place professional which serves as a vehicle for sharing the love of Christ and his message.  Such a real, viable, sustainable and profitable business with a kingdom of God purpose, perspective and impact leads to the transformation of individuals and communities – spiritually, economically and socially – for the greater glory of God and the making of followers of Jesus (see Mats Tunehag writings).

The Lausanne conference on Business as Mission has provided four key components for a robust definition of BAM.  Though there are variations of BAM (see “Variations of BAM”) a purist form of Business of Mission requires a business which:
    •    Seeks to be profitable and sustainable
    •    Provides for job and wealth creation
    •    Seeks to make followers of Jesus
    •    Is a good steward of God’s creation

Thus a BAM operation is a legitimate business and it is missional in the sense of the mission of God (Missio Dei). In its purist focus “BAM” is cross cultural in nature though the principles of BAM are true in a mono cultural context also.

Who Gets Involved in Business as Mission?
    •    Recent college graduates with business training and skills
    •    Mid-career business people looking for a change and opportunity for impact
    •    Early retired people eager to use a lifetime of experience overseas
    •    Investors who want to use resources among the world’s most needy
    •    Donors who are eager for connectivity of their gift with real-life evidence of impact
    •    Part-time consultants who give time and talent to mentor young businesses

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